Wednesday, January 28, 2009

First post / Introductions

Well, here we are at my very first posting.  This will be fun, huh?  

I'm here because I think (I hope) I have something unique to offer...I am duplicitous.  That is to say, I have a split personality of sorts.  I hope that both you and I can reap the benefits of this multi-directional and sometimes conflicting thought structure that lives in my head.  

Let me better explain, I am by day, an Information Technology Project Manager.  Methodologies, processes and formalities reign and I really love the structure and tangible metrics that it provides.  However, I am by night, an artist; a crafter.  This side is ruled by nebulous and unformed ideas, chaos that serendipitously falls into order and succumbing to the creative forces and voices that direct me.

I believe that this duplicitous thinking gives me the benefit of being able to create an artistic product and know how to run the business side; market, track, sell and grow.  

At any rate...I have fun trying.

Within this blog I plan to share ideas and test strategies for creating and marketing new products, tracking what works, maintaining my Etsy site and so on.

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