Sunday, February 15, 2009

Receiving a "Thank You" the mail!!

I will be the first to admit that I am the WORST when it comes to keeping in touch with friends and loved ones. I have a complete inability to pick up the phone - it terrifies me! - and somehow making the voyage to the mailbox to deposit a real, paper letter just never happens.

That is why when I opened the mail box yesterday morning and found a thank you card from a customer, I almost fell over. Who does that now days!? It was truly fantastic and so touching.

It is a fantastic thing to be able to create (and necessary), it is even more fantastic to be able to create and have something you enjoy be a means of income...I'll tell you though, it is the most fantastic to create and know the recipient really did love the piece as much as you did!! Sigh... (in my happy place)


janil said...

I'm not the only in the world!!!!!

claudio said...

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yours Claudio Tomassini

RitaSmeeta said...

Amen sista! lol ;)
Yes, it's such a great feeling to know that someone *truly* appreciates the work that you do!

Nishant said...
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