Monday, February 2, 2009

Want the 'inside scoop' on good advertising returns?

I've recently posted regarding Project Wonderful (PW) and created a 'quick start' tutorial. Well, I just found something else new and exciting in the land of PW!!

Did you know that you can save search criteria and have PW send you an email if new results meet your criteria?

You might be wondering why that's so darn special...well... imagine this...

You've searched for advertising spots on PW that receive between X and Y views a day. Now, what if suddenly you were made aware that a site that usually has low views had suddenly been posted on BoingBoing or the like, and that site going bananas with views! What if you could bid on a spot on that site...the bid price might even be undervalued because they don't usually receive that many hits. Suddenly, you've won a golden ad spot for possibly a cheaper price than what would normally be going for a spot receiving that many views!

For more info, read the "Opportunities Come to You" section here.


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