Sunday, February 15, 2009

Receiving a "Thank You" the mail!!

I will be the first to admit that I am the WORST when it comes to keeping in touch with friends and loved ones. I have a complete inability to pick up the phone - it terrifies me! - and somehow making the voyage to the mailbox to deposit a real, paper letter just never happens.

That is why when I opened the mail box yesterday morning and found a thank you card from a customer, I almost fell over. Who does that now days!? It was truly fantastic and so touching.

It is a fantastic thing to be able to create (and necessary), it is even more fantastic to be able to create and have something you enjoy be a means of income...I'll tell you though, it is the most fantastic to create and know the recipient really did love the piece as much as you did!! Sigh... (in my happy place)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Earring of the Month Club!!

I'm pretty excited about this new offering. It hit me one day when I was considering how much I loved receiving packages in the mail. There is nothing more fun than to anticipate receiving a package, going to the mailbox each day and finally finding it there...opening it...and (woot!) pretty things!

I decided that it would be a really fun offering to create an Earring of the Month Club! Each month I will send out a newly designed pair of earrings, fully gift wrapped, to the lucky recipient and they will get to anticipate the pretty little package arriving!

Join the Earring of the Month Club here!

This is such a win-win for everyone too because I get create custom earrings personally for someone each month, they get the fun of receiving packages each month and they also receive a really great value since the earrings usually retail for $32-$40 each! The overall value of the earrings that will be received is around $216! Each package will be completely and beautifully gift wrapped and all earrings will be on sterling silver or oxidized sterling silver earwires.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Want the 'inside scoop' on good advertising returns?

I've recently posted regarding Project Wonderful (PW) and created a 'quick start' tutorial. Well, I just found something else new and exciting in the land of PW!!

Did you know that you can save search criteria and have PW send you an email if new results meet your criteria?

You might be wondering why that's so darn special...well... imagine this...

You've searched for advertising spots on PW that receive between X and Y views a day. Now, what if suddenly you were made aware that a site that usually has low views had suddenly been posted on BoingBoing or the like, and that site going bananas with views! What if you could bid on a spot on that site...the bid price might even be undervalued because they don't usually receive that many hits. Suddenly, you've won a golden ad spot for possibly a cheaper price than what would normally be going for a spot receiving that many views!

For more info, read the "Opportunities Come to You" section here.